dimanche 1 mai 2016

Sunday Favorites: The come-back!

Hello my lovely readers !
It has been long time i haven't written here, i can say it's my 'first longest blog break ever !'', i've had very busy months between the preparation of my graduation project, the finals and the moving process to our new home. But i'm back now i promise, and super-happy to edit new contents and new types of articles. Apart from that, i compilled a bunch of my favorites things that have been inspiring me lately, have a look and enjoy.....!

Favorite spring table inspiration: I loved this tablescape from the outstanding dishes to its flowers centerpieces, that's what we call a marvellous symmetrical decoration !!

Another favorite tablescape with the same beauty of the previous one:

Favorite motto: Less/More this list is a handy guide for our everyday life!

Favorite foreign meals: The perfect lebanese table served in one of the best restaurant in Dubai called ''Ayamnna'' which means ''our days'' in Arabic :)

Image courtesy: dubaistreetstyle

Favorite spring shirt: I found this shirt very unique with its shape and red rose detail in the shoulder.

Image courtesy: petiteflowerpresents

Favorite place for a staycation : ''Bin el ouidane'' is a number one local attraction to visit in our country Morocco, an amazing place to relax from the'' brouhaha'' /agitaion of the urban cities !

Favorite healthy advice: This is the first time that is see a genius tips that includes everything we need to do in order to have a healthy lifestyle

Favorite spring shoes with couture details:  The adequate shoes for this season is the one by Tabitha Simmons available at Liberty for the S/S 16.

Favorite graphic spring/summer look: From the brand ''Mourjjan of switzerland '' one of the pieces of their last collection called the "silk road''.

Favorite comic quote: the week-end situation haha :D

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful first of may and a good start of the week ;)