dimanche 7 septembre 2014

Sunday favorites

hi lovelies !
August is over , September start but for me summer isn't over because the weather still the same in Morocco ,i always say that back-to-school is so cool if we put in our minds positive thoughts and good vibes, because someday we gonna miss this atmosphere. What i love about this month is the back-to-school supplies : notebooks, post-it mental, flashy felt pens ,..etc. So let's start this month with this beautiful pictures !

Favorite summer reality: the bitter reality !

Favorite summer wish : the statement saying by 99% of persons in the world in this time, haha :D

Favorite back-to-school photo : So cool !

Favorite illustration : the feed of every girl :)

Credit: Diglee illustration 

Favorite vocabulary : so we're all eleutheromania !
Favorite place to be : i love Thailand my favorite place after Maldives island !

Good night everybody and stay tuned for another post ;)

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