jeudi 6 août 2015

Art de la table: Inspiring tablescapes for this estival season

Summer is the perfect time for organizing garden party,brunches, pool party,week-end BBQ's,tea party and dinners,whether if you are entertaining friends or gathering as a family at the end of a long day. The shared food over dusk, the candlelight, the smell of grass, flowers, earth and dew mixed with a good conversations, laughter and carefree joy are the ultimate way to skip the stress of the everyday life and which allows us to escape from the hustle and the bustle of the city.

In fact, the outdoor spaces like the patio,rooftop,backyard,or even the garden are more enjoyable but it doesn't mean that the indoor spaces like the dining room isn't also lovable!
This is why the decoration of your table is more important than the meal itself because it's a foretaste, which gives an idea about the atmosphere that going to be felt through the soirée and also reflect the theme of it. The decoration must be representable and well organized to catch the attention of your guests.

And here's some advices to follow in order to create a flawless tablescapes for this estival season:
  • Opt for a striped tablecloth: Striking a cobalt stripes makes a big difference and mark out a simple decoration. It adds a graphic impact and a sort of symmetry to any table, perfect choice to really stand out!
  • Add a gypsy touch: The Moroccan decor is the best way to interpret the bohemian spirit. All you need is some Moroccan hand-made objects like the colorful carpets, the printed pillows, candles with a berber pattern, the artisanal tables, lanterns,...etc.
  • The more colors the better: When i talk about colors i mean in all its forms; colorful flowers or objects because nothing refresh a boring table like bringing some pops of color on it.
  • Adorn the table with fresh cut flowers: A table without flowers is like a meal without spices, the gorgeous flowers embellish any decoration, it gives a warmth, especially if you pick out a voluminous peonies or hydrangeas with a vibrant colors and dropping them into a cute table appropriate vases for a blend of beauty and a delight for all senses.

  • Show your creativity through your centerpieces and your guest's name: Personalization is everything to make a unique deco like writing the guest's name on a fresh lemons, any fruit will work just as well or a creating a fruit tree as a centerpiece...

Thank you for reading and stopping by,
Jihane <3

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