dimanche 23 août 2015

Sunday Favorites: Summer edition!

Hello beautiful people!
August is already here for me it isn't a sign of the end of the summer contrary to what most people think, it's September which mark the end of this beautiful season because in any case the hot weather stays in our country even in this next month! So before you kick start this week here's some of the favorites things i have been loving this week...

Favorite summer photos: Summer is the perfect season for spending as much time outside and travelling in order to enjoy the gorgeous weather as possible!

Favorite quote: Do it now because sometimes later becomes never!

Favorite home decoration: The blue and pink are a beautiful matching colors for this indoor space.

Favorite shoes: Love this flashy louboutin's shoes with blue and fluo yellow color.

Favorite accessories: the accumulation of rings is very trendy.

Favorite laugh: Love this cuty dog with a little bun :D

Favorite moodboard: Inspiring and girly moodboard.

Favorite accessories: Creative clutch with message"Take me anywhere" very appropriate with the summer and it's all i need :D

Favorite breakfast : Great idea of arranging pancakes in form of a teddy bear.

Favorite table setting: Outstanding palmate leaves as a guest name holder!

Favorite foreign dish: Very delicious lebanon food!

Favorite flowers arrangement: Colorful bouquet of flowers.

Hope that you enjoyed this post, 
Good night and thanks for reading,
Jihane <3

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